We Buy Fixer-Uppers and Transform them into Sustainable homes.




We aim to perfect the art of comfort, heath, and home through a sustainable habitat.  

Life’s most precious experiences start in our homes.  The sense of home permeates our lives.  Your home should deserve that honor.

Live well in a home built for your sustainable future:

  • Love spending free time right at home

  • Face an uncertain future with confidence, pride, and joy

  • Turn your key to an environmentally-responsible lifestyle


We buy homes in any condition. We are confidential and compassionate through the whole process. If you are considering selling your home to us, please know that we will always do what is right by you.  We will offer you a fair price for your home and do everything we can to help you get you a fresh new start.

Our model is to buy fixer-upper homes, no matter what the condition, in neighborhoods we know.  We make sure the home is safe, beautiful, and sustainable before we sell it for a fair price to a new owner. We take on this responsibility so sellers, who have more important things to do, don’t have to. 

Unlike many "Flippers" in our business, our mission is NOT to maximize profits.  We truly want to make our neighborhoods a better place through good homes.  When we assess your house, we will share our ideas and budget with you. This is valuable to you whether you sell to us or not.

Our Mission

We buy old houses and convert them into sustainable homes. We pay a fair price for homes in any condition what-so-ever and spare no expense to make homes safe, beautiful, and sustainable.

Converting old houses into sustainable homes is our first principle. We dedicate ourselves to providing compelling options to new home buyers towards choosing an ecologically responsible lifestyle. Every one of our homes delivers on 5 sustainable points:

  1. Strong Envelope - Our homes do not let the money you spend on heating and cooling your home slip through bad windows or unseen gaps in your walls. We use the best insulating technology for each home we renovate.

  2. Responsible Comfort - We make the smartest decisions possible for heating and cooling our homes. We aim systems that do not requires fossil fuels such as oil and gas. But if that does not make economic sense, we prepare for these sustainable systems for when the old systems reach end of life.

  3. Efficient Appliances - Every new appliance we provide with our homes has the best energy rating possible for that appliance’s category.

  4. Sustainable Building Materials - We deeply consider the sustainability of the materials we use (or reuse) during our renovations. You will not find exposed lead paint, asbestos, or any other dangerous material in the homes we renovate.

  5. Smart Transportation - We focus on suburban areas that have excellent public transportation and outstanding walkability & bikeability, enabling a high-quality lifestyle with much less driving.