Fash Cash For Your Fixer-Upper Home

In as little as 3 weeks

Step 1

First Phone Call
(15 Minutes)

The first step is to have an initial, completely confidential, phone call. We will answer any questions you have about our process, and try to understand what your needs are. We will try to understand how much you need to make on the sale, how fast you would like to sell, what your living needs are, and any other special circumstances you might have.

After this phone call, we will analyze the value of homes in your neighborhood. This valuation is used in our offer in step 3. If we are a match for your needs, we will move on to step 2.

Call or email any time:

(781) 517-6811


Step 2

(30 Minutes)

The next step is a visit to your house. We will look at the structure, inside and out. We will make a plan for our renovation, and understand what our renovation costs will be. There is no need to prepare. Don’t lift a finger to prepare for this visit. There is no judgement. We have seen everything.

After this visit, we will return to our office and prepare a detailed estimate of the renovation job. This, along with the value from Step 1, allows us to make an offer for your home.

Step 3

Review Offer
(1-3 Days)

Within 24 hours of our walkthrough, we will present a best and final offer for your home. We won’t play games. This will be a good and fair offer. It will be the maximum amount we can offer considering what the renovation costs would be. The offer will lay out a timeline for closing on the sale that is based on the needs we discovered during our first phone call.

After we give you a signed offer, you will have some time to consider whether or not to accept it. If you accept it, we will schedule an inspection.

Step 4

Home Inspection &
Purchase and Sale
(3 Hours)

Within a few days of an accepted offer, we will schedule an inspection by a professional home inspector. The inspector will walk through your home one more time. This time, we are only looking for any major structural problems that we didn’t notice at the first walkthrough.

After a good inspection, we will offer a Purchase and Sale agreement and provide a large deposit for your home. If you accept this, we will be ready to move onto the final step of paying cash for your house.

Final Step

(2-5 Weeks)

The last step is the closing. We will meet to transfer title and pay you for the balance of the offer. After this meeting, any profit you made on the sale will be 100% accessible to you. Congratulations, you have sold your home!