Ah, Hello?

Here we go… I’m (hopefully) former Information Technologies professional… specifically an Enterprise Software Architecture Consultant. I designed and oversaw the build for very large business processes supported primarily by custom built software. I loved the work. I was good at it. And it paid very well. I gradually grew dissatisfied with the nagging reality of a purpose void. Humanity faces so many critical challenges, and I felt numbed by a world focused entirely on profit for profit’s sake. I guess I had made enough of it. I had the opportunity to add a mission I love to the wonderful life I already had, and I took it.

By my calculation, climate change is our largest collective problem. Time to solve it and avoid unspeakable devastation is slipping away (if it hasn’t already). Significant changes to the way we live are needed, but our daily personal challenges block our path to an urgently needed healthier existence. People unconditionally want certain luxuries. We want to be comfortable in our home: warm in the winter, cool in the summer, a nice place to gather with the people we care about. We take pride in our homes, and we will not sacrifice that (for the most part).

Thankfully, through home building innovations, brilliant people have quietly been making it possible for modern Americans to live a low carbon lifestyle, at an undeniably sensible price. All we need to do is piece it all together. Sounds simple enough.

Welcome to my thoughts…